Laser Cleaning system is the high-tech products for surface cleaning. Easy to install and operate. 
The operation is simple.The cleaning process could be carried out without chemical reagents,no medium needed, it can remove the resin,grease,dirt,stains,object corrosion, coating and painting on base metal surface.

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Rust Paint Removal Machine

Handheld Laser Cleaning Rust Paint Remov...


Product IntroductionWuhan Raymond Technology Co., Ltd. is well-known by Huazhong University of Science and Technology.The team of professors leads a high-tech company founded. The company has mastered the international advancedThe key technologies of..

Laser Cleaning Machine

High Efficiency Powerful Removal Laser C...


Product IntroductionRaymond Laser launched this 200/500/1000w laser cleaning rust machine ASG-500 to meet various industries’ requirements,such as rust, paint stripping, oxide layer cleaning. Raymond Laser cleaning is environ..

Laser Rust Removal

Laser Rust Removal RM Sereies


Product IntroductionRaymond laser cleaning machine is new generation of high-tech products, base not injured parts, consumable materials, energy conservation, environmental protection,efficient cleanup on the surface of resin, oil, dirt and stains, d..

Laser Cleaning

Potable Automation Laser Cleaning Rust P...


Product IntroductionRaymond Laser's laser rust cleaning machine is a new generation of surface cleaning and high-tech products. It is easy to install, operate and automate. When the machine is powered on and turned on, you do not need to add any chem..

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