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Portable barcode printing machine Inkjet Printer

EBS250 Portable Barcode Printing Machine...


EBS 250 Portable barcode printing machine Inkjet PrinterEBS250 is the portable, manual, ultra-compact and light INK-JET printer equipped with a print-head with electromagnetic valves; it is battery operated and radio-controlled. This unique device - ..


EBS260 portable printer inkjet printer


EBS260 is a new generation of German hand-held inkjet printer that is perfectly integrated with Industry 4.0. It adopts an oversized hardened LCD touch screen. It can edit, adjust the printing content and important parameters directly on the touch sc..

Large character inkjet printer

Portable/Mobile Large Character Inkjet P...


Portable/mobile Large character inkjet printer GT250GT250 Inkjet Printer (Hand Jet Printer)  Technical characteristicsThe hand jet printer connect to host (PC) by Bluetooth, the host (PC) can control more than one handset.You can edit the m..

Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)