About Us

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Raymond is a world famous manufacturer of Continuous inkjet printer ,laser equipments . Since 2002, Raymond focused on the development and production of various types of Continuous inkjet printer ,laser equipments. 


Our products include: Continuous inkjet printer ,laser equipments, dot peen marking machine,handjet inkjet printer and so on. 

More than 15 series, 30types. Personalized products and services to provide customers with a significant advantage. Due to the high quality of our products and reliable performance, they are widely used in Glass and Containers,cosmetic,wire,cable,pipe, building materials,Chemical and DIY Industry, Automotive Industry ,Retail-Ready Packaging,toy-making, as well as more industries.

Certificate and International Certification

As ISO9001: 2005 certified CIJ , Laser manufacturer, Raymond is committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable CIJ & laser machines.

As a result of our quality control measures, our Continuous inkjet printer ,laser equipments all have got CE certification. Raymond also has got TUV and FDA certificate. High precision, low energy consumption, automatic processing, little environmental pollution and make our products more and more industries played a important role.

Talented Team

Raymond brings together the world's top professional talent and technology, has a highly qualified international personnel. Set from software development to hardware design, system testing, technical services are completed by professional and technical personnel. 

Raymond  eatalished 2 R&D center in Shenyang and Wuhan City, well-known institutions of higher learning and research institutions at home and abroad, so we can work well in various industrial enviorment to satisfy the particular demands of different industries ,which means choosing Raymond ,choosing Success.