Based on the design concept of user experience, Hi-Packis famous in the industry for its friendly, flexible and intuitive operation interface.

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Hi-Pack, H960P

Hi-Pack Date Coding Pigment Inkjet Print...


HI-PACK H960P Pigmented inkjet printer adopts advanced gunbody and GEM nozzle design, which makes modulation more stable, and reduces nozzle clogging rate. Supported by patented technologies and intelligent “self awakening ” agitating design, keeps p..

Hi-Pack, H9600

Hi-Pack H9600 small character inkjet pri...


DETAILS:■Using a 7-inch color LCD touch screen for more convenient operation.■Automatic cleaning function of the switch machine: The cleaning pump will dilute the hydraulic pressure into the spray chamber for cleaning, ensuring that the nozzle is cle..

Hi-Pack, H9650

Hi-Pack High Performance Inkjet Coding M...


Excellent Printing Function, innovation Visible——Hi-pack’s new inkjet coding machine H9650.Hi-pack H9650 Cij printer, 10.1″ LVDS high-definition big screen and super quad-core processor, multi-language, keyboard switching without pressure. In ad..

Hi-Pack, H8550

Hi-Pack Smart Inkjet Coding Machine H855...


Smart inkjet coding machine H8550, with a large screen, adopts new softwares, has a strong language switching fuction. It is small character inkjet printer, has more fuctions and high quality Operations & Specifications:User friendly 1280x80..

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