Analysis and research about measuring of laser radiation and classification of laser product , to find actual testing method.

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SP1000A marker machine

Car number nameplate making machine SP10...


Metal name tag number plate engraver machineProduct Description:Working with marking software and make the marking depth 0.1-2mm. Low cost and high effective.Used for tag marking on copper,aluminum,iron,stainless steel.Product Picture:Main Feature:1...

Dot pin pneumatic flange dough rolling machine

Dot pin pneumatic flange marking machine...


Dot pin pneumatic flange dough rolling machine on copperWhat is the details of our marking machine?                 1.This device allows the marking head rotate with 360°2. It can work with vertical or hor..

Flow Tubes

Filtering Flow Tube for laser machine


Hottest Filtering Flow Tube for laser machine from Raymond These tubes are made of quartz materials and are to be used for filtering UV light ranging from 190 to330mm. They are widely used in environmental-conservation lighting source and solid-..

Laser cutting Nozzle

Good Quality Laser Cutter Nozzle Holder


Laser Cutting NozzleSingle LayerLower JetDiameter: 1.8mmBetter for cutting stainless steel 5-6mmWhat is the laser cutting nozzle for?The laser nozzle cutting can protect the laser lens, and at the same time, improve the cutting quality.How to choose ..

Rust Paint Removal Machine

Handheld Laser Cleaning Rust Paint Remov...


Product IntroductionWuhan Raymond Technology Co., Ltd. is well-known by Huazhong University of Science and Technology.The team of professors leads a high-tech company founded. The company has mastered the international advancedThe key technologies of..

Laser Cleaning Machine

High Efficiency Powerful Removal Laser C...


Product IntroductionRaymond Laser launched this 200/500/1000w laser cleaning rust machine ASG-500 to meet various industries’ requirements,such as rust, paint stripping, oxide layer cleaning. Raymond Laser cleaning is environ..

engraving and cutting

Laser Engraving Machine 6090


1.Engraving beautiful patterns and words such as wood, bamboo, Ivory, bone, leather, marble, shell2.Mainly used in large plastic character cutting, color plate engraving, organic glass engraving and cutting, crystal engraving, trophy engraving, auth..

Mini Laser Machine Engraver

Laser Pecker L1 Mini Bluetooth Laser Eng...


Applicable Material:Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather, MDF, Metal, Paper, plastic, Plexiglax, Plywood, Rubber, Stone, WoodLaser Type:DiodeEngraving Speed:0-120Graphic Format Supported:DXF, BMP, .nc\.jpg\.png etc.Application:Laser EngravingWarranty:1 ye..

Laser Rust Removal

Laser Rust Removal RM Sereies


Product IntroductionRaymond laser cleaning machine is new generation of high-tech products, base not injured parts, consumable materials, energy conservation, environmental protection,efficient cleanup on the surface of resin, oil, dirt and stains, d..

Mini desktop engraving machine

Mini desktop engraving machine laser co2...


Laser Engraving Machine can engrave all kinds of the nonmetallic craft works, gifts, bamboo and wooden products, the structure is more compact and reasonable, electric performance is ready, with the fast engraving speed and the higher precision ..

Mini Laser Engraving Machine

Mini Laser Engraving Machine price 3020


This machine is our co2 mini laser engraving cutting machine.It is equipped with best 40W laserwater cooled CO2 laser tube that can engrave almost any non-metal materials on almost any surface. The co2 mini laser engraving machine with 40w laser tube..

dot pin marking machine

Pneumatic Portable Marking Machine SP-20...


Pneumatic Portable Marking Machine SP-2000BNo PC required. Real computer integrated into the control system. XP operation system with marking software installed.Product pictureWhat is phneumatic marking technology?By entering the Chinese and English ..

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