300W Smoke Absorber air purifier smoke extractor

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300W Smoke Absorber/air purifier/smoke extractor/welding fume extractor/portable smoke absorber

Used for cleansing and filter smoke, little dust, odor, toxic and harmful gas where laser marking, laser medical,moxibustion,soldering tin and furnace tin and chemical experiment occasions .In these situations, will produce a large number of harmful smoke and toxic gases and particulate matter.

For example, the use of soldering in different materials, different additives and different welding temperature, will produce different toxins and carcinogens. The smoke purifier is ideal for protecting the health of the operator.

The appearance of simple and elegant, sedate and elegant. Airframe integration design, using a metal frame structure, high quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray process, durable. With stainless steel wire drawing panel is more classic and delicate, refreshing

It is installed on the two sides of the concave type high-quality plastic handle, soft, stable and reliable, easy to handle.

Humanization of stepless speed - installation, adjustable air volume and the size of the suction.

The product has the advantages of small volume, no installation, is conducive to the work space clean and beautiful, easy to move.

Electrlcal Motor

It adopts brushless DC motor, built-in controller, performance, quality is guaranteed.

The stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long working time. No regular maintenance, lower cost.

The wind wheel adopts vortex to design, special alloy material, effectively prevent the corrosion of the wind wheel. Unique dynamic balance correction technology, so that the wind wheel to run more stable and reliable. High wind, large suction, higher filtration rate.

It adopts four filter design. Layer by layer filtration, to ensure that harmful soot is filtered out more thoroughly. Purification rate of up to 99.99%.

The modular design, the layers of protection. Early, middle and high efficiency can be replaced separately, the filter element is longer in service life, and the replacement cost is lower.

The unique internal sealing structure, sealing material in addition to the special, the harmful substances can be all through the filtering system, filtering efficiency is higher.

The built-in circulating active filter, avoid the interior cooling / heating from outside, the temperature and humidity of the environment does not destroy the operation range.

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