IMAGE white ink 1000ml for ink jet printer

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IMAGE white ink 1000ml for ink jet printer from Raymond

Applicable Models:

All brand and model small character CIJ non controllable inkjet printers

Storage Conditions

Cool and ventilated, keep away from fire, avoid sunlight directly

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Ink purification

 the ink in the ink before filling to go through 1um, 0.5um, 0.2um tertiary strictly filtered to eliminate the phenomenon of clogging print nozzles.

Product advantages

 Ink with strong chemical stability, the production of the ink completely sterile, temperature of the environment, thus ensuring the validity of the ink in 36 months; mature composition and color adjustments and rigorous scientific process, so as to ensure the color of the ink never discoloration, save a long time; strict purification system ensures absolutely no reason to be as ink clogging the print head.

Ink colorwhite
Packing Specifications1000ml/bottle
Expiration date2 years
Ink BrandIMAGE

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