mini rubber conveyor belt for inkjet printer

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CL200 -mini rubber conveyor belt for laser marking machine 


An assitant device for inkjet printers

Compact design, small size, easy to remove

Imtate the production line, suitable for small-scale production

The running speed is adjust to by the adjusting knob

Use the stainless steel support and rubber belt.

Product Picture:


Food, Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Electron, Tobacco,

Chemical Industry, Automobile Part

Using Objects

Lass bottle, plastic bottle, metal container, plstic bags, carton,Label



No. 1 1500 x 200mm conveyor


May you are pay attention to these :

- The speed is controlled by? 

its speed can be controlled by electric motor 

- The rails are adjustable in height and width? 

The rails can be adjustable 

 - What are the conveyor dimensions? length and width of the belt?

1500(L) x 200(W) x750(H)mm  conveyore belt length:1500mm belt width:200mm 

 - Packing: 1pc/carton

Rated powerAC220V 50HZ
Power supply90W
Max capacity8KG
Conveyor speed 0-20m (adjustable)
Conveyor size 1500(L) x 200(W) x750(H)mm

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