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handheld small character inkjet marker


  1. 4-in-1 sandwich design (controller, screen, printhead and cartridge)

    2. Complete stand-alone, no PC required

    3. Hot-swap: Circuit safeguard for quick cartridge changeover

    4. Dual Switchable Nozzle Design (DSND) allows you to switch nozzles when necessary

    5. Dust cover design

    6. Anti-shock mechanism design

    7. Multi-task operation

    8. LOG report for security check

    9. Password protected user levels

   10. Group network management via WiFi or PC

   11. Daylight saving function

   12. Setup wizard

   13. Cartridge shutter

   14. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port 

U2 inkjet printer
Print number of rows 1-4 line
Font Height2.7mm-12.7mm
Print contentChinese, English, Arabic, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Russia, Portuguese,picture
Operating voltage30% -95% RH
Print formatpositive and negative, reverse, back reverse

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