GL200S Online Use Large Character Inkjet Printer

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Manual bottle expire date code printing machine for glass

What is the details of our machine?                              


1.This device is smart and portable which can also used in the production line in the plants.

2.It can be used to print on carton,paper,wood ,glass,plastic and so on.This device is dust-proof,water- proof and explosionproof

3.It can meet the high demand of the alcohol industrial,pharmacy industrial,etc. 

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What  is the main feature of our machine?                     

 1. Quick-drying inks,strong adhesive power and used for all kinds of materials

 2. Clock system inside the device which can make the date and time printing in real time

 3. Stable ink system

 4. No PC required and easy to operate

 5. Automatic printhead flushing

6. Self Protection function for the circuit of the printhead

7. Modular design to make it easy to repair

8. It can save 100 messages or 100 graphics



Character height 114.4mm,21mm (7 dot metrix)
Character height 236mm,50mm(16 dot metrix)
Max Print speed60meter/minute
Print distance5-30mm from the printhead
Ink colorBlack,red,green,blue
Ink typeQuick-drying environmental friendly ink,UV ink
Working EnvironmentTemperature:3-40℃,humidity:below 90%
External interfaceRS232
Printhead Dimensions34*34*155mm
Power consumption50W

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