TL350 Barcode QR Code Thermal Ink Jet TIJ Printers

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Barcode QR Code Thermal Ink Jet TIJ Printers

Reliable HP TIJ 2.5 Technology

The Micron runs with 1 HP print cartridge allowing a print height of 12,7 mm.

Print in 300 DPI at 76 m/min or 150 DPI at 152 m/min.

The horizontal DPI resolution is variable from 75 to 600 DPI.


Printing Objects

1. Support any language character, image, numeric, Special symbol, static barcode, dynamic date & text, sequence number, etc.

2. Support bitmap fonts, which can save cost for enterprises.

3. support multiple texts, pictures and dates.

4. Printing high-definition content with high resolution and high quality.


Printing Applications

This inkjet printer  is mainly used in packaging to print production date, staff numbers,product labels, etc. Specific application are as below:

A. Food Industry(such as outer paper packaging of mineral water bottle, outer carton packaging of drinks, wine bottles, cookies and packed food etc.).

B. Building Materials Industry (print on various density board, joinery board, solid board, asbestos board, wood floor, etc.).

C. Other industries( print on paper label of bottle, such as wine bottle, medicine bottle, and packaging boxes of top-quality product).


Main Feature : 

1 Stable:High  quality - To ensure the stable operation of the machine

2  Function :Multifunctional Data Coding System

Max resolution: 600dpi X 600dpi,Max speed:304/m/min

Text , number, barcode logo  graph

Kinds of colors cartridges


3 Easy:Easy  operation

4 maintenance :Cartridge  and nozzle are for one set

No  maintenance machine ,ink and nozzle for one set , do not have the schedule  of regular cleaning,Zero maintenance cost 

Max print speed&ResolutionTL350-1: 12.7mm TL350-2: 2*12.7mm TL350-3: 3*12.7mm TL350-4: 4*12.7mm 30 m/m@ 600×600DPI 60m/m@300×300DPI 120m/m@300×150DPI
PortUSB/ RS232/Multi functional interface
Display screen10.1 inch touchable screen
Operation interfaceEASYTOUCH
Font sizeTrueType zoom
Power supply110-220VAC 50/60Hz
Max power120W
Operation temperature & humidityTEM 5℃~35℃ HUM 10%~90%
Package dimension302*229*210mm(L*W*H)
Package weight3.9Kg/1HEAD 4.3Kg/2HEAD 4.8Kg/3HEAD 5.3Kg/4HEAD

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