3D Laser Larking Lachine RMD-CO3D

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3D laser marking machine RMD-CO3D

product description

RMD-CO3D revolutionary design, can be engraved on the XYZ axis, for any shape or size of the product can not match the high-quality, high-precision marking RMD-CO3D non-metallic low-power series of laser marking machine by Computer control, the

use of 10.64um laser beam, through the beam, focus, and finally by controlling the deflection of the galvanometer, according to the predetermined trajectory on the working surface, so that the work surface gasification to achieve carving effect. Our production of non-metallic laser marking machine beam mode is good, the system performance is stable, maintenance-free, suitable for large quantities, multi-species, high-speed, high-precision continuous production of industrial processing


1, the first domestic 3-axis control system, accurate 3-axis engraving, subversion of the traditional 2D marking mode, to achieve the slope, paragraph difference, cylindrical, cone, spherical, and any surface and other 3D mark mode.

2, a unique self-induction focus system, can automatically identify the workpiece surface position, and fast focus, improve processing efficiency.

3, the equipment shell mold technology, more solid, better sealing

4, the unique shutter off technology, in line with European and American safety standards.

5, imported lasers, high stability, the use of advanced galvanometer scanning technology to ensure high speed, high precision and long life, to ensure that the system to meet the continuous

Efficient production requirements.

6, imported scanning head, high speed, designed for industrial production environment, to adapt to the needs of multi-team work, built-in self-diagnostic function, the maximum reduction

Less maintenance time.

7, imported optics, high precision, more fine spot size, more uniform optical quality can be carved figures, bar code, serial number, random number, graphics, trademarks, photos and any illustrations.


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