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name plate marking machine

SP1000B Car name plate marking machine

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Professional used tag industrial car name plate marking machine systemsNo PC required. Real computer integrated into the control system. XP operation system with marking software installed.Product pictures :Main Feature: 1. Marking automatically..

Professional used tag industrial car name plate marking machine systems

No PC required. Real computer integrated into the control system. XP operation system with marking software installed.

Product pictures :

Main Feature:
 1. Marking automatically with whatever characters,such as
    Chinese,English,graphic,serial number,VIN code,etc
2. Marking clearly with the specially made alloy pin
3. Smart and portable,easy to carry
4. Adsorb the marking object by electromagnet
5. Numerous option for fonts,supporting edit fonts
6. Marking depth is adjustable by controlling the marking pin

What content can be marken?
1.Any character size 1mm to 100 mm
2. Serial number (value, tee, elbow, batch, shift)
3.Arabic numerals Alphanumeric (Figure& Letter)
5.VIN code
6.Time variables (year, month, week, day, shift)
7.Date& Time
8.Barcodes & Reading
9.Ticket number
10.Date Matrix/2D codes/ Matrix size: 5 x 7, 9 x 13 and continuous line
11.Logos marking
12.Special symbols
13.Database connection marking

Suggestions for choosing pneumatic marking machine.
Pneumatic dot pin marking machine has the advantage of deep or shallow mark, could mark graphics and text, the product serial number, trademarks, and the marking is permanent
Generally marked workpiece weight of less than about 1600(10 5mm high character calculation), can choose pneumatic marking machine.
If  the amount is very large, selected laser marking machine or electric corrosion marking machines.
All kinds of large heavy work pieces marking, often need to remote operation marking, pneumatic marking machine is the first choice, and price moderate, can be equipped with notebook computers, easy to carry. In addition,pneumatic marking and can be easily integrated in the industrial production line, we hit the header is designed into a small, sturdy, easy to install.


How about the software?   

Multilanguages, serial No., Arabic numerals, arbitrary figure, incrementing serial No., graphics.
VIN code, time, date, barcode reading marking, ticket, dot matrix, 2D code(two-dimension code), circumferential parts marking and connected to database marking.
Available in a variety of languages (including English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish,Italian, Portuguese, Cyrillic and Czech)

The software also contains features such as serial numbering, date and time marking and password protection.Support multiple graphics and fonts,compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw.Flexible and user-friendly software, compared with the same numbers.
Database: Marking report available, special fonts and graphics editor.



1.Working with marking software and make the marking depth 0.1-2mm .
2.Used for tag marking on copper,aluminum,iron,stainless steel.
Packing Specification
Product packing specification 65*45*45cm
Operation System DOS/Windows98/2000/XP
Marking Area 160x100mm 200x150mm 300x200mm
Marking Speed 3-6 characters/second
Marking Pin Hardness HRC95
Impact Frequency 300-400times/second
Compressed Air Supply 0.2Mpa~0.5Mpa Airflow:0.25L/S
Product Weight about 35KG

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