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GL380 High Resolution Handheld Model Inkjet Printer

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Automatic stamping ink jet date code machineHandheld Inkjet Printer1.Handhold2.Easy To Operate3.Can Print On All Kinds Of The MaterialWhat is the details of our machine?  This piezoelectric nozzle high resolution inkjet handheld printer has bett..

Automatic stamping ink jet date code machine

Handheld Inkjet Printer


2.Easy To Operate

3.Can Print On All Kinds Of The Material

What is the details of our machine?  

This piezoelectric nozzle high resolution inkjet handheld printer has better functions than other same type printers.

1.Inside the printer ,it has its own operating system. 

2.Users can operate the printer through the touch screen. 

3.The printer can be used without computers.

4.With the help of the upper and lower rollers,the printer can print on the small objects.

5.The battery of this printer is pluggable.

What  is the main feature of our machine?             

1.It can print frontwards, upwards, downwards in 360 degree . 

2.Color touch screen, what you see is what you get. 

3.Equipped with two lithium batteries .

4.This printer can be operated independently without connection of computer.

   It integrates the humanity image design with foolproof operation. 

5.The printer has a unique subsection function. Namely, one message can be printed by multiple rows, which solves the problem of the maximum printing height of reaching 18mm for every row. 

6.Automatic energy saving function ( The screen will automatically turn off after 10 seconds). After charging the battery, it can be used for 8 hours. And the battery can be directly charged while printing( without stopping the printing). Or it can be charged separately after stopping printing. The standby time can reach as long as 20 hours. 

7.The user can input symbols and texts of any length, which is not limited by the ratio of length & width requriement. 

8.There is USB interface and can be connected with computer to transfer symbols and logos. 

Jet Printing Precision 200 DPI
Spray Printing Fonts High-Definition Spray Print Fonts (Block Letters)
Font Built-In a Variety Of Chinese And English Font
Spray Printing Graphics Spray Can Be All Sorts Of Trademark Design, Graphic Transmission Is Not Affected By Width Ratio And The Length Of Any Restrictions
Spray Printing Bar Code Can Spray Print Various One Dimensional Bar Code, Two Dimensional Barcode (Contains Readable With Chinese Bar Code, Such As Qr Code) Changes, Bar Code Serial Number Or Random Code (The Code Or Anti-Counterfeiting Code), Etc., Out By The Bar Code Can Be Used Directly Installed In The Smart Phone Barcode Scanning Software Scan Read
The Number Of Lines One Line To Fifteen English Numbers, One To Eight Lines Of Chinese Characters, The Size Of The Word Can Be Sprayed, One Machine
Height Of Character In The Effective Spray Height Can Spray Print Any Height
Automatic Spray Printing Date, Time, Batch Number, Class And Serial Number, Etc
Store Information Can Store Vast Amounts Of Information And Pattern
The Information Of Each Message Length Up To 200 More Characters
Water Serial Number 1-8 a Mutable Sequence Number
Spray Printing Speed Online Purchase Of Up To 35 m/Min, And Spray Printing Speed Does Not Change Due To The Increase Of The Number Of Lines
Packing Specification
Product packing specification 34*24#51cm
Product Weight 5KG

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