Small Character Inkjet Printer A300

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Small character inkjet printer A300

Product Introduction

RAYMOND brand – Best Productivity with lowest cost of ownership identification manufacturer. We are committed to provide quality services for the identification technology and manufacturing companies worldwide.

Raymond is the brand that meet the demands of the market due to effective research and development it is suitable for all manufacturing companies in the A300 inkjet printer (CIJ).

It’s modern appearance, superior stability, high-quality printing and high utilization rates, effectively on production efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

Feature and advantages

1.    Easy to use

         Full Chinese operation interface and easy to use. Supplies Modular System that can be directly replaced supply materials without machine            shutdown, easy and fast to run. Intelligent self-diagnosis operating system to save extra time.

2.    Environmentally friendly and high performance supplies

    A variety of environmentally performance ink can be selected to meet the needs of different printing products.

   Provides precise drop placement, high resolution and dot matrix distribution.

   High power with attached ink, to be clearly visible.

3.    A wide range of applications

      Performing a variety of harsh working environment and stable work efficiently, with low failure rate.

Can adapt to multi-industry, different material coding requirements.

4.    Machine body appearance

      Full stainless steel chassis, simple design, durable and generous.

      With IP 55 protection against dust into the chassis, to prevent machine abnormal.

      Efficient heat dissipation, to maintain work stability of electronic system.

5.    Integrated ink system

      Ink system integration, easy maintenance.

     Stable ink pressure supply system gives you the perfect printing results.

6.    Intelligent cartridge

      Insert and run, convenient and quick.

     Smart supplies identification system, default alarm by wrong inserting.

     Intelligent suppliers reading, high utilization and balance reminder.

7.    Unique sprinkler

     Constant temperature system design, greatly improve the accuracy of the ink droplets, improve the accuracy of the ink droplets, improve the quality of jet printing.

     360 degrees all directional spray printing, suitable for any angle of the jet printing.

     Stable and reliable nozzle.

8.    Highly efficient and stable

    Intuitive user interface---“what you see is what you gain’’.

    One – press – to – clean machine, routine maintenance without manual intervention.

    Machine with perfect functioning and intelligent controlling, easy to use and durable.

A300 Line CIJ Model
TypeInk-jet Printer
Model NumberA300
Print headDiameter 35mm Length 260mm
Print heads1
InksDye Based
Maximum Line Speed 4500 m/min (984 ft/min)
Maximum Lines of Print4
Font Matrix Configuration5×5, 5×7, 7×9,11×9, 16×11, 24×16, 32×24 fonts supported
Character height2-20mm
KeyboardQWERTY keypad
Ink consumption1 Lit re inks can print at least 100 million characters
Print distanceBest distance 10mm,and range 2-20mm
Data InputShaft encoder Product detector NPN/PNP Programmable via keyboard or RS232 serial port
Umbilical Length3 m (9.8 ft) optional 5m (16.4 ft)
Custom Logo/GraphicsLogo and graphics creation
Display (User Interface)WYSIWYG message creation and editing
Packing Specification
Product packing specification68*42*73.5cm
Product Weightabout 46.2KG

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