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Inkjet Printer And Expiry Date Carton Embossing Machine

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GL 350- inkjet printer and expiry date carton embossing machineMain Feature: 1. Handhold ink jet printer 2. PC Eidt or Screen Edit; 3. 3.5 inch Color Touch Screen; 4. Printhead inside the controller; 5. Suitable for porous or..

GL 350- inkjet printer and expiry date carton embossing machine

Main Feature: 

1. Handhold ink jet printer 

2. PC Eidt or Screen Edit; 

3. 3.5 inch Color Touch Screen; 

4. Printhead inside the controller; 

5. Suitable for porous or non-poros inks. 

Product pictures :

Printing features: 

Line speed capability: 40m/min 

Print height up to 18mm 

Line numbers: Unlimited 

Fonts: More than 10 varieties 

Printing functions: 

Characters can be rotated 

DOT size can be adjusted 

Print delay can be adjusted 

Character over-striking is from 1 to 9 times. 

Date, Time, Barcode, Serial No. And Shift-group are adjustable. 

Repeat printing function 

More than 1000 messages storage

Inks type: 

Porous ink (oil-base) 

Solvent inks 

Inks color: Yellow, white, black, red, purple, green and blue 

Other special inks: Food grade inks, UV inks, anti-scrub inks

Power supply: 

AC 90-264V 50/60Hz

Max Power 13W (average5W)

Packing Specification
Product packing specification 39*30*30cm
Product Weight about 5.5kg

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